Kim Orton, wife of WWE Superstar Randy Orton, and Giovanna Angle, wife of WWE Hall of Famer and Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle, along with host, Emmy-Award winner Jon Alba, will pull back the curtain and discuss what it takes to hold down a household while their professional wrestling husbands travel the globe as modern-day superheroes.  Every Monday, “The Wives of Wrestling Podcast” will host their personal Happy Hour and dive into a variety of topics from juggling kids’ sports schedules and extra-curriculum activities, to managing and directing the house projects, to having to flip the switch and be red-carpet ready for an event, and supporting their husband’s extremely busy schedules when they have to go back on the road. Orton and Angle’s no-nonsense banter, sometimes raunchy humor, and endless stories of being married to two of the biggest names in professional wrestling will make “The Wives of Wrestling Podcast” a must-subscribe podcast.  

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