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Puttin On Airs

Puttin' On Airs is a podcast where two good ol boys from the rural South learn about and analyze fancy people and their culture. Join redneck comedians Trae Crowder and Corey Ryan Forrester as they try and make sense of the world's bougie-est bullsh*t. So if you wanna find out what the Queen does all damn day, or why rich people love makin' horses have sex, or what the elite and white trash have in common (it's more than you think), and you wanna hear it all in the syrupy sorghum drawl of two country ass comic buddies, then check out Puttin' On Airs.


Puttin On Airs answers the question you’ve all been asking yourself: When am I gonna hear two dudes who sound like Slingblade give me a history lesson on Marie Antoinette? If Drunk History had a baby with 2 Bears 1 Cave, the result would be Puttin On Airs. Half redneck. Half posh. 100% fun and entertaining!

New episodes released every Thursday.


Want to listen to the latest episode?  Click Here.


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